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Joan Piper is a certified medium, speaker and educator who left a 20 year career as an elementary school teacher in the Florida and Massachusetts school system to focus her energy on developing her skills as a medium, speaker and a teacher of spiritualism. She has traveled and studied throughout Europe and the British Isles, and currently resides and works at the Southern Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp in Central Florida.
Joan has been interviewed by multiple media, among them: ABC Nightline,  Travel Channel, History Channel, and Discovery Channel. For more information clink on the media link.

You can secure Joan Piper with advance notice
for any of the following events:
Gallery Reading:
A Gallery Reading is where the medium steps into the energy of the Spirit World and deliveries information received by deceased loved ones to members of the audience.  The gallery setting is intimate and the energy in the room is extraordinary. Don’t miss this exciting and rare opportunity. 

“Is It Real?” Workshop:
Learn how to step into your own intuition and power. This workshop will give you the ABC’s of unlocking your own “inner self connection” to the Spirit World.

Multiple Series Workshops:
Do you have a group that wants to take their interest in intuition to the next level?  A series of progressive workshops are available for multiple days.

Key Note Speaker/Lecturer:
As a main lecturer Joan offers fascinating insight into the world of Mediumship.  Questions such as: Are psychics’ mediums too? Are mediums psychic? Do mediums read minds? If someone I know has just died can I contact him or her? What is it like on the other side being dead? How do you know this to be true? Who is giving the information in the reading? How you too can communicate with the Other-Side. How a person can recognize and interpret the signals of your loved ones for yourself. Why do they choose to communicate at certain times and not at other times? How you can discover your own intuitive-psychic abilities and make them work for you!  The topics of each event will be catered to the specific audience.


Joan Piper brings the mystical spirit world to a new light. Her multiple paranormal encounters with the dead have sparked the curiosity from people all over the world. Joan Piper is a candid and energetic advocate to the world of spiritualism.

To schedule any of the above events, workshops, or to book a speaking engagement, please contact Joan Piper at