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Reported By: Kelley Dunn

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If you could communicate with a loved who has died...would you?

Do you believe it's possible?

Joan Piper says she talks to those who have passed on---everyday.

She's a medium...who does personal readings out of her home in the small Central Florida town of Cassadaga.

But recently she came to West Palm Beach to conduct a group reading for a room full of people--hoping to hear from the other side.

Joan Piper/Medium: "I have a gentleman...really feels like on the grandfather vibration."

Joan Piper/Medium: "I have two people..they're short..they're not talking english it's a foreign language and they love you to pieces."

Joan Piper/Medium: "'s like's fast. Hi how are you? Would you like to have a reading tonight?"

It's what everyone in this room is hoping for---to connect with a loved one who's passed--someone on the other side.
Kelley: "Are you looking at someone and their spirit comes to you or does a spirit come and say okay the lady in the red dress?

Joan Piper/Medium: "All different ways."

When Joan Piper singled out Darlene Schmidt for a reading, at first, Darlene says it made no sense.

Joan Piper/Medium: "I feel like I have a man and woman coming in here together--they're arm and arm ...sentimental."

Darlene Schmidt: "And i'm thinking, hand-n-hand, my dad's parents couldn't stand each other--that part threw me off."

Joan Piper/Medium: "They're talking about mom here. I'm trying to understand--mom feels very different from you."

Joan Piper/Medium: "I feel like they are coming in here to lend you a hand to help you heal your heart."

Darlene Schmidt/Received A Reading: "And then when the mother thing came together--i have a lot of healing to do with my mother. she's ill--and they're letting me know.. now is the time to take care of."

The gallery reading as it's called, lasted 2 hours.

Joan says there were many spirits in the room that night.

Kelley: "Do they talk at once to you, the spirits?

Joan Piper/Medium: Sometimes. sometimes it gets very loud!

"You better go to school..finish school you're too gotta do it..don't give up. I've got someone talking to me at the speed of lightning."

You rarely hear anything negative during joan's readings...she chooses to relay only the positive.

Joan Piper/Medium: "Every medium is totally different..some work with crime, some can't. What I love is showing people the gifts they have within."

Donielle Zimmerman got a reading.

"I was actually, honestly shocked."

"The only thing I think they are coming to tell you is not to be afraid of relationships, you're not like have a chance right in front of you."

Donielle Zimmerman: "I work in medicine where everything is scientific A,B, leads to C. I was amazed ..she was right on."

"You can go hold her hand--he's calling in here strong."

Robyn Brow was another one of the lucky ones that night.

Earlier, she had told me: "My father passed in i'd like to talk to him."

Joan Piper/Medium: "I feel that spirit of him coming in. And he was stubborn, bull headed a little bit. And you have some of him in you."

Kelley: "You are convinced your father's spirit was in that room?

Robyn Brow/Received Reading: "Three hundred percent. there's no doubt. there's no way she could have known things about my father."

It's that connection...that sense of peace...and that comfort that Robyn and so many others--are searching for.

Joan Piper/Medium: "Open the door to the spirit world.

Learn about it..educate yourself about it...because it opens the door and avenues to make like so full for you."